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Action Areas

Action Area 1: Development of a new vehicle category

CARGO XS is a coordinator between the market requirements for the concrete CARGO XS vehicle and the standardization of the developments for wider use. CARGO XS performs the required development work, which is the foundation for a new, connected vehicle platform and continually evaluates the economic and innvovation aspects regarding their respective relevance for the market.


  • Vehicle concept and integration
  • Modular design for adaptation in various countires
  • Lightweight construction in chassis, body and other areas
  • Power train (battery electric / hydrogen fuel cell)
  • Connectivity (vehicle-to-mobile, possibly: vehicle-to-vehicle)
  • Active and passive safety, including Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) & (partially) autonomous driving

Action Area 2: Development of digital use concepts as a foundation for multiple use cases – consideration of further possible business models

CARGO XS combines all private and commercial requirements regarding digitalization and connectivity of the vehicles for the respective use cases. It further derives development requirements that will be realized through the network partners. New business models will be created for using the results.


  • Usage profiles: driving programs, charging management, fleet management etc.
  • User connectivity applications: integration with mobile communications and entertainment systems
  • Concepts for (partially) autonomous driving

Action Area 3: Globalization of vehicles, systems, and components

CARGO XS actively chooses international partners and evaluates possible cooperation with investors in the target countries. It further acts as a platform for connecting the national and international partners. In the first phase, the focus is on the Hungarian market and local partners that can make a significant contribution to the development effort. Beyond that, the Chinese and Indian markets will be actively developed.


  • Potentials for including international suppliers, also from developing countries, in the the network partners‘ supply chains
  • Potentials for directly participating in the international supply chains, including those in developing countries
  • Exchange with local actors in the mobility field in the target countries (in Germany and locally)


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